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One kind and very generous customers from Orange County very happy to share his marble floor polishing restoration experience. Our customers are always amazed with the results that we provide for them. we know that you will be also. Call 1.800.770.7789 now and get a free estimate today!


If you desire a professional, competent & knowledgeable natural stone restoration company that is properly licensed, bonded & insured then contact us; we know you will be completely satisfied with our courteous service & work quality.

We specialize in polishing, sealing, maintenance, restoration and repair of natural stone materials like marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, flagstone and concrete on floors and countertop surfaces. Our work is tailored to our customer needs; we do exterior & interior work in residential & commercial areas. We service floors, walls, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Our loyal customers have referred our services to family & friends.


We are here for all your natural stone restoration, repair & maintenance needs. We specialize in marble polishing, travertine cleaning, granite sealing, limestone buffing, granite countertop crack repair, floor maintenance & repair of other stone surfaces like slate, flagstone, terrazzo & concrete.















We start to work very early in the morning and sometimes finish very late at night, and the feedback you give us keeps our motivation and energy running through our veins each day of the week.
Our customers are always amazed with the results that we provide for them. Stoneshine knows that you will be also. The challenges we face every project is to create consistency throughout the work. The results speak for themselves; the floors will look amazing!!!
The array of limitless possibilities combined with great durability and lower cost than natural products makes Stoneshine an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.
Our clients can relate to how much detail-oriented Stoneshine is, and appreciate it very much. Don’t wait to receive you free in-home consultation today, call us now and book a free estimate with one of our customer service representatives.



  •   I had my marble floors restored today. Mario, Salvador and Romino did a beautiful job. They were here right a 8am and removed the furniture with care. My marble floor look better then when they put them in. Thank you Jorge for your quick response.

    thumb Blanca S.

      Our travertine floors are 7 years old and needed a new badly needed upgrade. We never had a glossy finish on the stone and we were looking for that as well as filling in the many cracks and holes in the floor. We called Stone Shine and made an appointment to get an estimate. Miguel showed up on time and we were really impressed with his professionalism, neat appearance and overall knowledge of what we wanted, We hired him on the spot and never contacted another company since we were so impressed with Miguel Miguel showed up a couple of days later with Roger and 2 other workers. They were extremely neat and did an amazing job on our floors. I am an artist and so was Roger. He filled the cracks and holes and his work was like magic and our new glossy floors look like they never did before. The crew came early and worked very late. After they left, I found a small  area that they missed in the buffing. I called Miguel and told him and Roger and he  showed this morning and did a great job in correcting the small area that was missed. I have done a complete renovation of my home over the past few years and I must say Miguel, Roger and the rest of the crew were the most professional group of workers I have ever experienced.   If there were 6 stars available, I would have left given them the 6

    thumb RON C.

      I had my travertine floor cleaned by someone else in 2011 and it was a waste of money. Then I found this company via Yelp and the work was done in 2014. I am happy with the cleaning and polishing results. I strongly recommend Stoneshine.

    thumb Helen Q.
  •   Juan gave us an estimate...very easy to work with. Jaime completed the job....amazing work My husband and I are extremely happy with the result

    thumb Janine H.

      Highly recommend this company! They do great quality work and have good people working for them.  This was my 1st experience using them and I'm very happy with the results! Thank you to Juan C. for doing the estimate and to Salvador R. for doing a great job on the floors, counters, and island!! Salvador came out today.  He was very respectful, caring, and hard-working.

    thumb P P.

      I called Stoneshine to let them know that a small area on my shower bench wasn't refinished.  They called back immediately to set up an appointment.  Mario and Roger came out and did an excellent job.   I am so please with the company and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    thumb C M.
  •   Excellent service from Miguel! Very professional and thorough. He was very knowledgeable on his recommendations to stay within our budget without sacrificing the look we wanted to achieve. I definitely recommend!

    thumb Nicole R.

      I was very happy with the price and customer service. But somewhat disappointed with the end result, yes my quartz piece looks better but I still see the line which I hoped it would be gone after they have worked on it. Overall I am happy Thank you Stone shine.

    thumb Dana D.

      Top notch professionalism from start to finish!  Miguel was punctual for our first meeting to assess our scope of work and provide a proposal.  He produced an itemized, computer generated proposal during his visit and gave a thorough presentation about the company.  He followed up, I received a DocuSign contract and we scheduled the appointment.  Ramon, the PM arrived on time with his men - Juan, Damian, Rafael & Feliciano (all whom introduced themselves after taking off their shoes).  Everyone worked industriously and knowledgeably from 8:30-4:30PM (and broke for lunch which I expect - good management that gives their employees a much deserved break).  Ramon walked me through each part of the job at the end of the day, touched up a few minor things and when I was satisfied, I paid him.  His men went the extra mile to do an excellent job and I would highly recommend this company for granite crack repair, limestone restoration and re-caulking showers and tubs - all mildew is gone!

    thumb Sharon M.
  •   I was nervous to hire someone to maintain my granite. I have never had to do it before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I am happy that I had them do my kitchen! The shine makes all the difference, and the new caulking looks great. I was surprised by how badly my caulking needed to be redone and I hadn't noticed. I immediately noticed that the water lumps up on top of the counter and when wiping it down, the water wipes up immediately and quickly, with no residue left behind. At the end of my first visit, I noticed a small area that didn't smooth out the way I thought it would. I called them and they sent someone back out the same week, who fixed it just fine! At both times, the men who arrived to work on the kitchen were both friendly, worked efficiently and took their shoes off any time they were to come in the house. I was impressed by the way they taped and marked off the areas around the kitchen before they worked. The gentlemen who came to give me an estimate was nice. He explained the procedure and said I would receive the quote at the end of the day. I received the quote of their minimum charge of $450, 3 days later. He might want to work on sticking to that end of the day quote, because I was waiting for it, which made me almost go with someone else because I thought he forgot about me. I also wanted to use the Yelp coupon that is offered, $100 off service. However the cost of my work was not enough to qualify for the coupon. So my advice there would be to ask ahead before purchasing the coupon. I was given a follow up call after the work was done, where I was happy to tell them all was good.

    thumb Tasha V.

      I called this company because of the many stars on Yelp.  I had the work done today and I can assure you that this company truly deserves all the 5 star reviews.  The gentleman arrived when scheduled and quickly got down to work.  We had our kitchen counters and a bar area polished and re-sealed.  What an incredible job and our service person was very impressive.  I couldn't post as many stars as they company deserves.  Your search ends here!

    thumb Sandra M.

      We used Stone Shine a couple of years ago to restore our marble entry way.  As our dog aged she had accidents. The urine instantly took off the shine. Ramon did a great job restoring it  - it looks brand new.  We renovated our master bath around that time. Recently streaks started appearing on the travertine and we learned that it had never been sealed!  I asked for Ramon when we decided to do have the shower sealed. Once again, excellent results.

    thumb christine h.
  •   Erick and Jaime came out on Tuesday to fill holes in our granite counters in the kitchen and restore some stains and scratches in our marble in our bathrooms.  Our original kitchen granite installer told us there was "nothing he could do" about the holes in our granite slab, so we had lived with it for two years the way it was.  I also had dropped some cleaning fluid on the marble in our bathroom counter and was also told again that there was "nothing" that could be done about the stains once they were there.  As you probably have been told, do not spill anything caustic on marble, like hair spray, cologne or strong cleaning materials like vinegar.   Erick and Jaime worked all day at our house.  The result now is a perfectly smooth granite slab with no holes anymore! The marble was restored to original condition and looks better now than it ever had due to the fact that the original installer never sealed any of his work either in the kitchen or bathrooms. The marble is beautiful and so is the kitchen granite. I would recommend Erick and Jaime to anyone in the Coachella Valley that needs stone restoration.  Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot restore marble.  These guys can!

    thumb Marilyn F.

      We had to have our shower and tub remodeled due to a plumbing issue. Arael Vazquez and his team were wonderful. Arael helped us with the design. I was very impressed with how he moved people in and out of our home based on the skillset needed for that day. Arael was always available by phone and would return my calls in 15 minutes or less. Everyone on his team was so professional, and so courteous. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing. We referred Arael to our neighbor. She was very happy with his work as well. I think he treats his employees well and they in turn treat his customers well.

    thumb Carol O.

      I am impressed.  I have had a couple contractors say it can't be done.  One guy tried to repair the crack in my sink it lasted 3 weeks.  The second guy did a good job but it really didn't match.  Jaime and Eduardo came out today and cleaned up all of my stone, but most importantly, the crack in my stone in front of the sink due to the fact the original contractor didn't do it right is BARELY noticeable and it looks INCREDIBLE!  Eduardo and Jaime were clean, polite and did a super job.  I would HIGHLY recommend them.  Thank you Stoneshine.

    thumb Douglas M.
  •   I was excited and looking forward to getting  my granite counter tops polished and sealed.  Miguel came and quoted me a price. It seemed reasonable considering I have a lot of counter space and back splash. A gentleman from Stoneshine showed  up and on time which is a plus.  After a few hours he said he was done and showed me his work. I was very disappointed since they looked the same as if nothing was done to the countertops. He went on to explain that the granite was well maintained before and could tell Ive taken good care of them.  Therefore  that's why I couldn't see a difference, hmm. The worse part was when my son came home and asked , " didn't you have the counters polished and sealed? It doesn't  look like it." They look the same I see no difference and  they look a bit dirty. I guess I expected them to have a nice glossier shine and be able to tell that they were polished. I remarked yes me too!

    thumb Alicia R.

      We had not done anything to our Travertine floors for the last ten years. We now find ourselves raising our 8 year old granddaughter and discovered our floors are not child proof. We had Stoneshine come out to give an estimate and the cost seemed reasonable for the amount of work we needed. Ramon and Julian came right on time. They helped move some furniture and got straight to work. They were clean and professional and a couple of nice guys. We were happy with their work and the floors look almost new again. In fact, we are so delighted with the results, we are thinking of having them come back for our granite.

    thumb Cliff D.

      Miguel provided the bid on Friday which was slightly higher than the other bids we received.  We chose them because of their professionalism and thoroughness in explaining what they would do.  Later that day, we called to accept the estimate and schedule a date.  Monday was available (yes 3 days from the time we received the estimate).  Monday morning came and Victor and Rigoberto arrived 2 minutes before the scheduled 8am start time.  They worked 8 1/2 hours and left our 1967 terrazzo looking brand new.  This terrazzo had been under tile and other flooring over its lifetime.  I'll post the before and after on the pics, but trust me they know what they are doing.  We couldn't be happier with the results.

    thumb Steve A.
  •   Having read the reviews, I expected  professional restoration of the limestone kitchen floor in our newly purchased condo. I was made aware beforehand that scratches in the floor and  many of the old stains couldn't be removed so didn't expect either. The technician who came was, firstly, allergic to the chemicals he used, which gave the impression he had either never or rarely done this kind of work before. That impression was strengthened after checking the floor when he had finished and sealed it, which meant that many of the errors couldn't be fixed. He had ignored or never noticed cracks and holes near the edges as well as removable dirt that lay within some cracks. He was, for an unexplained reason, unable, as he showed me, to fill several of the larger cracks and holes in the rest of the limestone. He also told me, after I pointed it out,  that the old, discolored adhesive along some of the edges of the floor wasn't removable (it was, since i did it later myself). The floor is small and I was charged accordingly. Perhaps that's why the technician was, according to reviews, clearly not one of their best. Had the company explained beforehand that a small floor meant substandard service, I would have used another company.

    thumb Martha S.

      My marble kitchen countertops were in very bad condition with lots of etching.  Stoneshine's crew came in and polished them back to new condition ("new" is not an exaggeration).  They look stunning - I couldn't be happier.  The crew, Ben and Emmanuel were very polite, professional, on-time and did an excellent job protecting the kitchen cabinets and floor with plastic coverings as well thoroughly cleaning up before they left.   We received quotes from three companies and they all came in at basically the same price. So very glad we choose to go with Stoneshine and definitely would use them again and also recommend to friends.

    thumb S. H.

      Just had Stoneshine  reseal our granite countertops, clean tile floor, repair grout in bathroom areas and clean stained concrete patio. They did an excellent job in all areas at a reasonable price.  Highly recommend this firm.

    thumb Tom S.
  •   My master bathroom granite was in dire need of restoration. After four years of use it was dull and etched in places. They came out and spent an entire day polishing and sealing my double vanity. I had two other companies come out to estimate the cost. Stoneshine was competitive.

    thumb Terri M.

      The strong reviews speak the truth as far as my experience is concerned.  Their seems to be few competitors in this niche service to compare Stoneshine to and you may not have to.  Their pricing and service quality was so good that getting secondary quotes was just for piece of mind.

    thumb Evan L.

      Daniel from Stoneshine did an amazing job cleaning and sealing our patio and staining our gazebo area.  Everything looks wonderful!

    thumb Mrs. G.
  •   My second visit from StoneShine. Miguel came by to discuss job. Ramon Mario Benjamin Samuel and RIgo did the work. Fantastic Job. They were clean courteous professional. Did extra items for me such as some grouting around two tubs (this may or may not have been included in my contract). Advice: I might spend a little extra time with Miguel specifying the details. While he bids the job (estimator) he does not come around during the job. This leads to some discussions such as whether this is included or this is not included etc. I had Miguel write "All interior Upstairs and Downstairs". I then had to discuss whether some interior granite tops would be cleaned and polished or not. Not sure the travertine mantels on our fireplace were cleaned, etc. If you want these things done, discuss it up front. Stone shine did 99% of what I requested but I think the more detailed you get in the bidding process the easier it will be when the crew shows up. Their attention to detail is excellent and the job was even cleaner this time than last time. A 100% recommendation and I'm very very picky. Good job guys.

    thumb Jeff D.

      Miguel came to our home, he was polite, very well mannered and took excellent care of us. We wanted our travertine floors polished to a shine along with our travertine shower and fireplace facia. Also we needed our granite countertops cleaned and re- sealed. Miguel took care of the scheduling, the crew showed up on time. The crew members were: Benjamin, Raphael, Samuel, Alex and Salvador. They all worked diligently and did a beautiful job. They cleaned up after themselves and everything was shiny and clean and looked wonderful! I give all six of these employees 5 Stars and Stoneshine deserves 5 stars as well. Thank you very much for a job well done.

    thumb Rita O.

      We had a lot of travertine and marble we bought with our house over a decade ago that we were clueless about maintaining. We never liked it much beyond being great for young kids who play sports who can be rough on floors. Over time, it looked awful and was impossible to clean. Miguel, the consultant and Aldo, the restoration team leader, were fantastic to work with. The results are nothing short of stunning! They are friendly, hardworking, and very good at their jobs. Very professional! Our travertine looks better than new and more like marble now, which is exactly what we requested. The price was more than fair and when compared to new flooring, amazingly cheap. Thanks to the entire Stoneshine team for saving our floors.

    thumb Ben C.
  •   Our granite counter tops had some dull spots that needed polishing and the sheen brought up to match the rest of the counter.  Stone Shine came through when two other companies couldn't seem to get the job done... Ramon came out and spent considerable time prepping, taking care to protect all surrounding areas and went to work, not stopping until the counter top sheen matched perfect throughout.  Highly recommend this company... very professional.  Prices, eh! I'm not sure what it SHOULD cost... but anytime you are repairing granite, it seems to be a little pricey.

    thumb Lisa F.

      Wow. We have carrera marble stone floors in our downstairs guest bathrooms that were hammered! The quote from Stoneshine was so fair and the service was impeccable! Our floors are back to gorgeous now, thank you Stoneshine!! They will def get my business in the future!

    thumb Mandi M.

      Terrible, terrible customer service! Contacted them for in home quote and was scheduled on a Friday. Waited all day and they never showed up or even bothered to call. Finally we called them and they didn't know anything about the appointment but would call us back. 3 hours later the representative called us back and said the person who took our information was new and had the wrong address, e-mail and phone number therefore we could not be contacted. Needless to say we found another company with similar name that showed up on time and great pricing. I would suggest to call the other company before wasting a whole work day waiting at home.

    thumb Sylvia A.