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One kind and very generous customers from Orange County very happy to share his marble floor polishing restoration experience. Our customers are always amazed with the results that we provide for them. we know that you will be also. Call 1.800.770.7789 now and get a free estimate today!


If you desire a professional, competent & knowledgeable natural stone restoration company that is properly licensed, bonded & insured then contact us; we know you will be completely satisfied with our courteous service & work quality.

We specialize in polishing, sealing, maintenance, restoration and repair of natural stone materials like marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, flagstone and concrete on floors and countertop surfaces. Our work is tailored to our customer needs; we do exterior & interior work in residential & commercial areas. We service floors, walls, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Our loyal customers have referred our services to family & friends.


We are here for all your natural stone restoration, repair & maintenance needs. We specialize in marble polishing, travertine cleaning, granite sealing, limestone buffing, granite countertop crack repair, floor maintenance & repair of other stone surfaces like slate, flagstone, terrazzo & concrete.















We start to work very early in the morning and sometimes finish very late at night, and the feedback you give us keeps our motivation and energy running through our veins each day of the week.
Our customers are always amazed with the results that we provide for them. Stoneshine knows that you will be also. The challenges we face every project is to create consistency throughout the work. The results speak for themselves; the floors will look amazing!!!
The array of limitless possibilities combined with great durability and lower cost than natural products makes Stoneshine an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.
Our clients can relate to how much detail-oriented Stoneshine is, and appreciate it very much. Don’t wait to receive you free in-home consultation today, call us now and book a free estimate with one of our customer service representatives.



  •   I am really impressed. The Sales Agent Miguel came out and was very professional and polite.
    Hymie was the man that came and fixed our cracks in our granite to perfection. They also buffed out and resealed all of our granite counters and Island.  He put up plastic  to keep the dust down and cleaned up any mess he may have made.  
    I would recommend this company.  They do other restoration work so go to their website to see all they can do.     They have insurance and proper paper work and the price was fair.

    thumb Kathleen A.

      I want to sing the praises of the crew that took care of our distressed granite kitchen countertops.  Jorge Carrillo, who wrote up our project, was thorough in his analysis of our problem and how to address it.  Aldo and Jaime knocked on our door at the appointed time, set quickly to work protecting our walls and floors, and made all necessary repairs with beautiful results.  I couldn't have asked for better, more attentive service.  We are satisfied, lifelong customers now.

    thumb K W.

      Juan, the project manager, was great! Not pushy like the other guys that came out... no sales pitches, and a fair price. Guys that came out lived up to the 5 star yelp rating. They were respectful of our home and paid attention to detail. No issues at all.. (and I'm not the easiest guy to please). 5 star and highly recommend

    thumb Nalim K.
  •   Erick and Jaime came out on Tuesday to fill holes in our granite counters in the kitchen and restore some stains and scratches in our marble in our bathrooms.  Our original kitchen granite installer told us there was "nothing he could do" about the holes in our granite slab, so we had lived with it for two years the way it was.  I also had dropped some cleaning fluid on the marble in our bathroom counter and was also told again that there was "nothing" that could be done about the stains once they were there.  As you probably have been told, do not spill anything caustic on marble, like hair spray, cologne or strong cleaning materials like vinegar.  
    Erick and Jaime worked all day at our house.  The result now is a perfectly smooth granite slab with no holes anymore! The marble was restored to original condition and looks better now than it ever had due to the fact that the original installer never sealed any of his work either in the kitchen or bathrooms. The marble is beautiful and so is the kitchen granite.
    I would recommend Erick and Jaime to anyone in the Coachella Valley that needs stone restoration.  Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot restore marble.  These guys can!

    thumb Marilyn F.

      I'm pleased with the cleaning, polishing, and resealing performed by the 3 technicians who came from StoneShine recently. My new-to-me home has granite cabinet tops throughout the kitchen and stone and ceramic in the 2 showers. I have never had granite and knew nothing about care and maintenance. However, there were some chips along the kitchen sink edge and the grouting along the space behind the sink was cracked and I knew that needed to be redone, as well as the caulking at interface of the porcelain sink and the granite. The estimate for the work was the highest of 4 bids, but I feel that everything was completed in a professional manner, and they were efficient in getting the job done.  All looks great and I definitely got my money's worth!

    thumb Brenda C.

      We had a lot of travertine and marble we bought with our house over a decade ago that we were clueless about maintaining. We never liked it much beyond being great for young kids who play sports who can be rough on floors. Over time, it looked awful and was impossible to clean.

    Miguel, the consultant and Aldo, the restoration team leader, were fantastic to work with. The results are nothing short of stunning! They are friendly, hardworking, and very good at their jobs. Very professional!

    Our travertine looks better than new and more like marble now, which is exactly what we requested. The price was more than fair and when compared to new flooring, amazingly cheap. Thanks to the entire Stoneshine team for saving our floors.

    thumb Ben C.
  •   We used Stoneshine 6 years ago and were really satisfied, so when it came time to refinish our travertine floors, we knew who to call! Rafael, Benjamin, and Rigoberto were on time, worked so hard all day, and did an absolutely amazing job. They refinished our travertine, polished and restored our granite, and fixed some grout on our backsplash. Everything looks brand new!!! Thank you so much Stoneshine!!! We highly recommend them!!!!

    thumb Angela P.

      The guy came over to look at the space and it's been a month and we never got an estimate. I called and asked for the same guy to email me the quote and the front desk said he would call and follow up. I still I haven't heard back from them. It's either they're too busy and they're rejecting new business or they don't really care about following up. I am a new customer and I'm interested and I have to chase these guys for a quote. I don't get it. Poor response.

    6/16/2017-They left me a voicemail and followed up with me after they saw my yelp review. Turned out that the technician had an incorrect email address. I finally received my quote.

    thumb Yenny M.

      Let me say that this review would have been a 4 star until my last dealing with them. I hired stone shine because their quote was the best. They came out and did the work and didn't meet standards. They also said they can't get the scratches out that the sales guy promised they could. So they came back out and did it right the second time.  After the second time I was pretty pleased. (Hence my 4 star rating) Recently, I had a get together and someone spilled lemonade on the floor which ate off the finish. I called them up asking if I could purchase a piece of their pad that they use to polish the floor so it would match. They told me not to worry about it and they would send someone out to fix it.  Great customer service.

    thumb Dane D.
  •   We love our "like new" marble kitchen floor.  The folks at Stoneshine patiently worked with me through a couple of schedule changes.  When they came to our home, I was away on business.  The two gentlemen who came to do the work were courteous, friendly, and professional.  They regrouted and polished some very worn Carrara marble floor.  Our home has been filled with contractors for several weeks now.  The gentlemen from Stoneshine left a very positive impression on my wife, and more importantly, left our kitchen floor looking like it hasn't looked in a long, long time.

    We will definitely call Stoneshine for regular maintenance needs.

    thumb Tim P.

      I can not comment on their work, but their quotes are much higher then other companies in the area.  There is nothing wrong with the company and I am sure they do good work, but you will pay a much higher price.  Sureshine did my job for less then half the price of Stoneshine.  $1,100 is way too expensive to re-grout (one line) around the bottom of the shower where the walls meet the floor, reseal shower, polish/seal floor and epoxy three or four chips (a small bathroom).  They will try to justify their high price by telling you they are throwing in $200 of cleaners and they only use the best material.  Again, this is not a bash on their company, only on the price.  I am all about paying a fair price where the company makes money and I save some money, but someone would have walked away from this job with an extra $600 in their pocket and it was not going to be me.  Save some money and call around.

    My initial rating was a one star but the owner sent a nice response.  He offered to come out and look at job to see if his guy provided a fair estimate.  I must say that shows he cares about his company so I am providing 3 stars.  I just wish the price would not have been so much higher then the rest.  Thanks for reaching out.

    thumb Brandon K.

      Wow. We have carrera marble stone floors in our downstairs guest bathrooms that were hammered! The quote from Stoneshine was so fair and the service was impeccable! Our floors are back to gorgeous now, thank you Stoneshine!! They will def get my business in the future!

    thumb Mandi M.
  •   The original builders of my condo did not seal the granite in my home, and I needed it done quickly before I rented it out. I called Stoneshine and I  am extremely happy that I did. Miguel Amaro initially came out to give me an estimate. He was on time, friendly, and answered all of my questions. He set up the work for the very next day. Raymond and his crew showed up on time the next morning and worked all day. My counters throughout my home look great and the travertine in the showers looks like new. I would definitely recommend these guys and the company they are with if good customer service and efficient work is what u t looking for.

    thumb Shawn B.

      My master bathroom granite was in dire need of restoration. After four years of use it was dull and etched in places. They came out and spent an entire day polishing and sealing my double vanity. I had two other companies come out to estimate the cost. Stoneshine was competitive.

    thumb Terri M.

      Victor was great. He was efficient, did an excellent job, was very polite, and cleaned everything up perfectly. We would happily use him again. Miguel came to do the estimate, and he was also incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They were quick, knew what they were talking about, and well organized. Easy to schedule, and all around great to work with.

    thumb Karin F.
  •   I have to laugh at those who post that Stoneshine is overpriced. I guess one can state they are overpriced compared to the companies I have used in the past that splash around some cleaning solution and leave with everything looking the same.

    Stoneshine is deserving of five stars from our initial contact. Miguel came to our house to explain the process and provide us with a quote. He patiently answered all of our questions and even took a few minutes to apply a chemical to our grout to give us an idea of how the final result would look. Miguel explained we would receive a contract 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and the workers would arrive at 7AM to begin the job. I received the contract exactly 48 hours prior to the day work was to begin and at exactly 7AM, Danny and Candido arrived at my home.

    The two worked non-stop until early in the afternoon as they got on their hands and knees and cleaned every inch of our tile and grout. For the first time in over a decade my tile and grout look like it did the day it was installed.

    As far as overpriced...well, as the saying goes - you get what you pay for - and we paid and received an exemplary job that was well worth the cost.

    I plan to have Stoneshire return every other year to maintain the now brand new look of our tile and grout.

    thumb Barry R.

      Top notch professionalism from start to finish!  Miguel was punctual for our first meeting to assess our scope of work and provide a proposal.  He produced an itemized, computer generated proposal during his visit and gave a thorough presentation about the company.  He followed up, I received a DocuSign contract and we scheduled the appointment.  Ramon, the PM arrived on time with his men - Juan, Damian, Rafael & Feliciano (all whom introduced themselves after taking off their shoes).  Everyone worked industriously and knowledgeably from 8:30-4:30PM (and broke for lunch which I expect - good management that gives their employees a much deserved break).  Ramon walked me through each part of the job at the end of the day, touched up a few minor things and when I was satisfied, I paid him.  His men went the extra mile to do an excellent job and I would highly recommend this company for granite crack repair, limestone restoration and re-caulking showers and tubs - all mildew is gone!

    thumb Sharon M.

      I was very pleased with the work performed by Stoneshine on my kitchen countertop and sealing of various sinks throughout the house.  

    Juan Carlos, who had given an estimate two years ago, came once again to give estimate.  He  was very helpful in determining which sinks needed sealing right away and which could wait.  

    I was very pleased with Jaime's work.  He sealed my granite countertop and did a cosmetic repair of a crack by polishing and filling it.  I think he did a much better job than the person who did it the previous time---I noticed the previous time, there were dark spots on the granite countertop after it had been sealed.  This time, there were no dark spots.  Jaime also sealed sinks around the house.  

    Be aware that Stoneshine sends an email containing documents, one of which stated that additional fees would be assessed on credit card payments.

    thumb Diana B.
  •   My travertine, marble and limestone shower looks like new again!  Thank you, Victor, for being on time and working tirelessly in a small space longer than expected.  Highly recommend Stoneshine.  The outcome was worth the price!

    thumb Laura M.

      Miguel very professional during estimate with outstanding ratings on yelp.  He stated I coud obtain full refund of deposit if canceling prior to 24 hours of scheduled work,deposit given.  Showing me on page 2 Disclaimer, however states Deposits are non-refundable in small print of contract.

    Next day called office to cancel until I obtain second estimate.  I was told I would forfeit my deposit, I explained the 3 day cool off period to cancel contract.  Receptionist said she would have to run that by her manager.....IT'S THE LAW!

    Manager called and is returning my deposit check and requested I add to my review.  Unfortunately I had to go through all this just to cancel contract within the 3 day cool down period.  Why even require a deposit?

    Johann Sebastian owner reached out to me to take full responsibility for his employees actions and will perform remedial training on customer service and contract laws.  This owner validated integrity of his business practices.

    thumb Ken W.

      This company broke tiles, chipped marble and dented fiberglass bathtub while cleaning my stone and tile bathroom. The causes close to 10k in damage and have made no effort to resolve. They also painted grout instead of cleaning it. Stay away from this company.

    thumb Katie L.
  •   Stoneshine delivered great results and professional service at a reasonable price.

    The previous owner of our home was in the stone business, and used a copious amount of travertine, marble, granite, onyx and other natural stone throughout.

    Despite regular cleaning, the stone looked tired, and in some cases had pitted. Our carpet cleaner offered to clean the stone for us, but my instinct was to a specialist and Stoneshine really delivered.

    Juan Carlos, the estimator, came by 2 weeks prior to the job and reassured us they could make the floors look like new, including repairing all of the pitting damage. The job covered several rooms and baths (including moving some furniture) and required 3 days, but our 10-year-old floors shine like they were installed yesterday!

    The crew was polite, professional, and very knowledgeable, and we'll be following their new cleaning procedure to keep our stone in shape from now on.  I've included a photo of how the medallion in our entry turned out...

    thumb Evan G.

      My husband and I recently used Stoneshine for a couple of services.  They repaired a chip we had in our brand new granite countertop as well as had our entire kitchen countertop sealed, and it looks awesome! Jaime worked on our kitchen, and he was quick and professional. We will definitely use this company again for any repairs in the future.

    thumb Lauren C.

      I had my travertine floor cleaned by someone else in 2011 and it was a waste of money.
    Then I found this company via Yelp and the work was done in 2014. I am happy with the cleaning and polishing results. I strongly recommend Stoneshine.

    thumb Helen Q.
  •   This is a company that I would never recommend or ever use again. On a scheduled appointment only half of the work got completed and it was done very poorly. Splatters and grinding solution everywhere on my cabinets, spilled content on my carpet, and the sealing product was pooled in many areas leaving large rings on my marble. I stayed home all day to get this job down and found the workers on their cell phones and taking multiple breaks instead of working. Extremely disappointed in their quality and lack of professionalism to say the least!

    thumb Susan J.

      Miguel came out and gave us an estimate for cleaning all our travertine floors and tile in two bathrooms and a shower.  Price was fair and scheduling no problem.  The crew came out yesterday and did an outstanding job.  I believe the foreman was Salvatore, who was very professional as well as the whole crew.  The Travertine floors have never looked better.  The amount of shine was perfect and they filled in some small holes.  The tile in guest bathroom is actually clean now, where others have failed.  Overall they did excellent job and would recommend them highly.  Our floors have never looked better!

    thumb Kent D.

      The strong reviews speak the truth as far as my experience is concerned.  Their seems to be few competitors in this niche service to compare Stoneshine to and you may not have to.  Their pricing and service quality was so good that getting secondary quotes was just for piece of mind.

    thumb Evan L.
  •   Daniel from Stoneshine did an amazing job cleaning and sealing our patio and staining our gazebo area.  Everything looks wonderful!

    thumb Mrs. G.

      It all started out fine...with Ed, a dedicated supervisor and vigilant and dedicated workers J.R. and his co-worker, to remove carpet and tile, and grind and polish the concrete in two hallways, kitchen and living room. This quickly became 'the project from hell' but was saved by J.R. The supervisor Ed had no clue how we wanted the floors to look after he showed and we picked out a design. Ed's work was awful, looking as though someone had spilled coffee on a lightly painted concrete floor. J.R. understood our vision and turned our awful floors into a work or art within 24 hours. Unlike Ed, who never kept his word on anything, including  appointments to visit the site, J.R. was on site, on time, ready to work every day, as he promised. If he said he would be there at 6 a.m., he was there are 5:45 a.m.

    The project was 1 week over schedule due to consistent, unfathomable mistakes and miscommunication by Ed, whom we didn't see until we contacted his boss. Again, J.R. is the hero of this project. If it weren't for J.R., the job would not have been executed with our vision realized.

    I received a call from Johann-Sebastian, owner of Stone Shine who was interested to hear, in detail, the circumstances surrounding my displeasure with our initial experience. We spoke for almost 45 minutes. I left the call feeling that he was genuinely concerned and would do whatever it takes to assure no future clients ever experiences what we did. I applaud him for taking the time to pick up the phone and make things right. ROCK!

    thumb Jaysun H.

      I can not say enough positive things about StoneShine.  I was a in rush and needed my stone floors refurbished immediately.  I was shocked when they showed up at 8 pm to help me.  Thanks to them and there professional quality work my home in the Palm desert area sold immediately and for cash.  I will use them again and u tell all my family and friends to use them also.

    thumb Helen Theresa G.