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If you desire a professional, competent & knowledgeable natural stone restoration company that is properly licensed, bonded & insured then contact us; we know you will be completely satisfied with our courteous service & work quality.

We specialize in polishing, sealing, maintenance, restoration and repair of natural stone materials like marble, travertine, limestone, granite, slate, flagstone and concrete on floors and countertop surfaces. Our work is tailored to our customer needs; we do exterior & interior work in residential & commercial areas. We service floors, walls, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Our loyal customers have referred our services to family & friends.


We are here for all your natural stone restoration, repair & maintenance needs. We specialize in marble polishing, travertine cleaning, granite sealing, limestone buffing, granite countertop crack repair, floor maintenance & repair of other stone surfaces like slate, flagstone, terrazzo & concrete.















We start to work very early in the morning and sometimes finish very late at night, and the feedback you give us keeps our motivation and energy running through our veins each day of the week.
Our customers are always amazed with the results that we provide for them. Stoneshine knows that you will be also. The challenges we face every project is to create consistency throughout the work. The results speak for themselves; the floors will look amazing!!!
The array of limitless possibilities combined with great durability and lower cost than natural products makes Stoneshine an easy choice for new construction and renovation projects.
Our clients can relate to how much detail-oriented Stoneshine is, and appreciate it very much. Don’t wait to receive you free in-home consultation today, call us now and book a free estimate with one of our customer service representatives.



  •   Top notch professionalism from start to finish!  Miguel was punctual for our first meeting to assess our scope of work and provide a proposal.  He produced an itemized, computer generated proposal during his visit and gave a thorough presentation about the company.  He followed up, I received a DocuSign contract and we scheduled the appointment.  Ramon, the PM arrived on time with his men - Juan, Damian, Rafael & Feliciano (all whom introduced themselves after taking off their shoes).  Everyone worked industriously and knowledgeably from 8:30-4:30PM (and broke for lunch which I expect - good management that gives their employees a much deserved break).  Ramon walked me through each part of the job at the end of the day, touched up a few minor things and when I was satisfied, I paid him.  His men went the extra mile to do an excellent job and I would highly recommend this company for granite crack repair, limestone restoration and re-caulking showers and tubs - all mildew is gone!

    thumb Sharon M.

      We hired Stoneshine to restore our marble kitchen counter tops.  The counter tops showed signs of wear and tear, including a large vinegar stain.  The appointment/estimate process was simple and straightforward.  The pricing was competitive with other vendors I contacted.  The employees who came to do the work were on time, diligent, and polite.  After they left, I noticed that an edge along the sink was not smooth.  I called Stoneshine and they gave me an appointment the next day.  The employee showed up on time and buffed out the sink edge.   The counter tops look great and the customer service was awesome.  I've been working with various vendors for jobs around our house and often times, it's a frustrating experience.  Not so with Stoneshine.  It's a pleasure when you work with a vendor who's professional, on-time, stands behind their work, and is reasonably priced.  Wholeheartedly recommend.

    thumb Angel L.

      Ramon came out today and cleaned, buffed, filled in holes, replaced the caulking with grout and sealed the entire shower. I am very happy with the results!

    thumb M R.
  •   I had my travertine floor cleaned by someone else in 2011 and it was a waste of money. Then I found this company via Yelp and the work was done in 2014. I am happy with the cleaning and polishing results. I strongly recommend Stoneshine.

    thumb Helen Q.

      I can not comment on their work, but their quotes are much higher then other companies in the area.  There is nothing wrong with the company and I am sure they do good work, but you will pay a much higher price.  Sureshine did my job for less then half the price of Stoneshine.  $1,100 is way too expensive to re-grout (one line) around the bottom of the shower where the walls meet the floor, reseal shower, polish/seal floor and epoxy three or four chips (a small bathroom).  They will try to justify their high price by telling you they are throwing in $200 of cleaners and they only use the best material.  Again, this is not a bash on their company, only on the price.  I am all about paying a fair price where the company makes money and I save some money, but someone would have walked away from this job with an extra $600 in their pocket and it was not going to be me.  Save some money and call around. My initial rating was a one star but the owner sent a nice response.  He offered to come out and look at job to see if his guy provided a fair estimate.  I must say that shows he cares about his company so I am providing 3 stars.  I just wish the price would not have been so much higher then the rest.  Thanks for reaching out.

    thumb Brandon K.

      Jorge came to do a quick estimate. A very friendly and knowledgeable gentleman. Richardo came to Polish and buff my kitchen granite counter tops. He took off his shoes outside. Arrived on time at 8:00 am and finished in close to 6 hours. Sealed the kitchen off of the entire house to prevent as much of the odor even tho it can't be completely odorless. Everything was so clean and spotless. He did a wonderful job

    thumb Wendy H.
  •   As many of you probably know, if you live in a nice house in a good neighborhood, getting a reasonable price on work done can be a challenge. For years I have had to pay ridiculous fees to have my stone floors maintained as contractors charge people like me "what the market will bear" and not what the job actually costs. Finally found a great company that does outstanding work (the best I've had so far, BTW) without ripping me off. Had a lot of work to be done and thought I would be inconvenienced for days like the past, but one day shortly after calling, Daniel, Samuel, Rafael, Emmanuel, Rigoberto and Benjamin descended on my house and got it all done in one day. Only exception was the need to return another day to seal some outdoor work on a drier day and Roger did that later. As I said best work I've had in 15 years and the best price too. Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Joe M.

      Great Company that really prided itself on quality work with market rates. The owner is serious about doing the job well and not just talks about it. I have learned my lesson in the past you get what you pay for. If you want peace of mind call them.

    thumb Rod S.

      My second visit from StoneShine. Miguel came by to discuss job. Ramon Mario Benjamin Samuel and RIgo did the work. Fantastic Job. They were clean courteous professional. Did extra items for me such as some grouting around two tubs (this may or may not have been included in my contract). Advice: I might spend a little extra time with Miguel specifying the details. While he bids the job (estimator) he does not come around during the job. This leads to some discussions such as whether this is included or this is not included etc. I had Miguel write "All interior Upstairs and Downstairs". I then had to discuss whether some interior granite tops would be cleaned and polished or not. Not sure the travertine mantels on our fireplace were cleaned, etc. If you want these things done, discuss it up front. Stone shine did 99% of what I requested but I think the more detailed you get in the bidding process the easier it will be when the crew shows up. Their attention to detail is excellent and the job was even cleaner this time than last time. A 100% recommendation and I'm very very picky. Good job guys.

    thumb Jeff D.
  •   Highly recommend this company! They do great quality work and have good people working for them.  This was my 1st experience using them and I'm very happy with the results! Thank you to Juan C. for doing the estimate and to Salvador R. for doing a great job on the floors, counters, and island!! Salvador came out today.  He was very respectful, caring, and hard-working.

    thumb P P.

      Stoneshine repaired my small kitchen travertine floor and resealed my granite countertop. I wish I had known about the coupon, because I paid $1300+ dollars for the treatments. I was pleased overall, but I thought it was a little pricey. They were very prompt. Victor and Candido showed up at 8:00 and left around 2:00. They took a lunch break. They were careful with surrounding areas, putting plastic up. They were polite and professional.  The initial salesman, Miguel, was very nice. He said he'd provide some cleaner for the floor and granite. They didn't have floor cleaner, but Victor said they'd ship some out to us- we'll see if that happens. They provided granite cleaner that I can continue to use. They replaced the caulking that was in need of replacement so that was nice. Everything looks clean and polished. My only comment would be to shop around a little or get a coupon. They charged me more for this job than the estimate I got to paint the inside of my home, which takes 3 days. I can't say anything negative about the work, but you might be able to find it cheaper somewhere else. My response to the owner: While I understand and appreciate your loyalty to your company and its prices, I would have to respectfully disagree. Most companies nowadays are quick to point out coupons and specials that they are running. A $200.00 discount ( the coupon that I now see online) would have been something that the initial salesperson could have alerted me to. That would have made me much more likely to use your company again and highly recommend to neighbors and friends. It was a good job done for a higher price than seemed reasonable when compared to other household repairs and time spent.

    thumb Debby J.

      Victor was great. He was efficient, did an excellent job, was very polite, and cleaned everything up perfectly. We would happily use him again. Miguel came to do the estimate, and he was also incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They were quick, knew what they were talking about, and well organized. Easy to schedule, and all around great to work with.

    thumb Karin F.
  •   This company caused 7k in damage in my bathroom-  breaking tiles,  chipping marble and destroying the bath tub

    thumb Katie L.

      Just had my 12+ year old travertine restored by team *Ramon, Damian, Rigo and Ismael, and my floors are now reborn!  My high-traffic travertine is glowing with cleanliness. Miguel, the estimator, was lovely as was this hardworking team. We are so pleased with the transformation, I now have StoneShine in my iCal to come back in 2 years.

    thumb Amy W.

      The strong reviews speak the truth as far as my experience is concerned.  Their seems to be few competitors in this niche service to compare Stoneshine to and you may not have to.  Their pricing and service quality was so good that getting secondary quotes was just for piece of mind.

    thumb Evan L.
  •   It all started out fine...with Ed, a dedicated supervisor and vigilant and dedicated workers J.R. and his co-worker, to remove carpet and tile, and grind and polish the concrete in two hallways, kitchen and living room. This quickly became 'the project from hell' but was saved by J.R. The supervisor Ed had no clue how we wanted the floors to look after he showed and we picked out a design. Ed's work was awful, looking as though someone had spilled coffee on a lightly painted concrete floor. J.R. understood our vision and turned our awful floors into a work or art within 24 hours. Unlike Ed, who never kept his word on anything, including  appointments to visit the site, J.R. was on site, on time, ready to work every day, as he promised. If he said he would be there at 6 a.m., he was there are 5:45 a.m. The project was 1 week over schedule due to consistent, unfathomable mistakes and miscommunication by Ed, whom we didn't see until we contacted his boss. Again, J.R. is the hero of this project. If it weren't for J.R., the job would not have been executed with our vision realized. I received a call from Johann-Sebastian, owner of Stone Shine who was interested to hear, in detail, the circumstances surrounding my displeasure with our initial experience. We spoke for almost 45 minutes. I left the call feeling that he was genuinely concerned and would do whatever it takes to assure no future clients ever experiences what we did. I applaud him for taking the time to pick up the phone and make things right. ROCK!

    thumb Jaysun H.

      We used Stoneshine 6 years ago and were really satisfied, so when it came time to refinish our travertine floors, we knew who to call! Rafael, Benjamin, and Rigoberto were on time, worked so hard all day, and did an absolutely amazing job. They refinished our travertine, polished and restored our granite, and fixed some grout on our backsplash. Everything looks brand new!!! Thank you so much Stoneshine!!! We highly recommend them!!!!

    thumb Angela P.

      My email to Johann Sebastian ~ I just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with the results of yesterday's cleaning. The guys, Raymond, Isidro & Lorenzo, did a fabulous job. We are soooooooo extremely happy with the results as well as with the professionalism and courtesy that R, I & L displayed. "Junior" (not sure if that would be Isidro or Lorenzo) educated on a few things, which we greatly appreciate. We learned that what we thought was slate is actually quartz and that a top coat sealer isn't the proper method for this type of stone. He more than likely saved the Mexican paver floor in our downstairs area from destruction by telling us how great it looked, that it has years of life still left, that 'others would kill to have a floor in such good condition' and that it's rather expensive to demo because it crumbles. He just told us to keep doing what we're doing, which doesn't amount to much more than vacuuming it. I highly recommend that you give these folks a call for your next stone restoration.

    thumb Lea M.
  •   I am impressed.  I have had a couple contractors say it can't be done.  One guy tried to repair the crack in my sink it lasted 3 weeks.  The second guy did a good job but it really didn't match.  Jaime and Eduardo came out today and cleaned up all of my stone, but most importantly, the crack in my stone in front of the sink due to the fact the original contractor didn't do it right is BARELY noticeable and it looks INCREDIBLE!  Eduardo and Jaime were clean, polite and did a super job.  I would HIGHLY recommend them.  Thank you Stoneshine.

    thumb Douglas M.

      My 10 year old travertine marble floors needed some freshening up. Stoneshine's Mario, Julian, Erick, and Ronny did a great job cleaning the grout, filling those holes travertine gets, polishing out some chemical damage done accidentally by our housekeeper, polishing, and sealing them. They look brand new! They were careful moving all my furniture in and out of the area and taping off/draping with plastic all the areas they weren't working on.  Communication was great. And when I noticed a small dent in a wall where the machine probably jumped and damaged it, the guys took a picture, apologized and promised their supervisor would fix it. Not 10 minutes later, their office staff was calling to schedule the repair for that afternoon.  The repair job was great and you can't tell it was done. It's so nice to deal with a company that does good work, are pleasant to work with, and are quick to take responsibility for and fix problems.  I'll be calling them again in 10 years!

    thumb C C.

      I wish I could give negative stars such a bad experience! way over priced and rude customer service!  I only tried them because they are in the same lot where I get my car fixed so I thought let me walk over and set an appointmen. I should have smelled trouble when miss attitude at the front desk  asked what do need ????? uhhh well an estimate ?t when I called the owner, Johann he just laughed and said then go elsewhere. He also informed me if I left a bad yelp review it would be removed because he pays a monthly fee to keep all 5 star reviews!! ( I told the tech I was going to leave a neg on yelp) such a jerk I was shocked I would not recommend

    thumb Amber M.
  •   My husband and I had Stoneshine polish the marble on our floor and I was beyond impressed. Our floor looks better than the day the marble was installed. Stunning and immaculate! We love the results. The work was completed very timely and in a professional manner. Thank you Stoneshine!

    thumb Lana M.

      I called Stoneshine to let them know that a small area on my shower bench wasn't refinished.  They called back immediately to set up an appointment.  Mario and Roger came out and did an excellent job.   I am so please with the company and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    thumb C M.

      Miguel came to our home, he was polite, very well mannered and took excellent care of us. We wanted our travertine floors polished to a shine along with our travertine shower and fireplace facia. Also we needed our granite countertops cleaned and re- sealed. Miguel took care of the scheduling, the crew showed up on time. The crew members were: Benjamin, Raphael, Samuel, Alex and Salvador. They all worked diligently and did a beautiful job. They cleaned up after themselves and everything was shiny and clean and looked wonderful! I give all six of these employees 5 Stars and Stoneshine deserves 5 stars as well. Thank you very much for a job well done.

    thumb Rita O.
  •   My husband and I recently used Stoneshine for a couple of services.  They repaired a chip we had in our brand new granite countertop as well as had our entire kitchen countertop sealed, and it looks awesome! Jaime worked on our kitchen, and he was quick and professional. We will definitely use this company again for any repairs in the future.

    thumb Lauren C.

      I had a badly etched marble slab from an overnight spill of baby shampoo.  Victor from STONESHINE saved the day and I couldn't be happier.  He was so careful to cover all cabinetry, glass shower doors and the floors.  When he had to go to his truck for something, he took off his shoes to get to the front door.  This kind of workmanship and care is not often seen when hiring contractors.  I would recommend Stoneshine to anyone needing this kind of work.  Victor arrived promptly at 8am as scheduled which is also a rarity.  Our estimator was Jorge, and he patiently answered all my questions, and also answered my questions after I had received my written estimate.  An excellent company!  I would post before and after pictures if I could figure out how!

    thumb Suzanne N.

      We have beautiful Black Galaxy granite on our kitchen, bath and laundry room countertops. Absolutely love it, but know it must be professionally cleaned, sealed and polished periodically. Did a search of companies in Orange County that provide this service and Stoneshine came up. Was very impressed with reviews. Also checked Angie's List, since we use frequently. Stoneshine (Miguel) came out to give us a quote on a Wednesday, and said Friday they could do the work.  Miguel went over the quote thoroughly with us and answered all questions and explained procedure. Aldo was the guy who spent 7-1/2 hours in our home getting the job done to perfection and he took all precautions to protect house from dust and mess and cleaned up thoroughly when he finished. Kept us informed all day. A fantastic job from an excellent company. Miguel came back to check Aldo's work and brought us a huge supply of cleaner to keep our beautiful granite looking tip top!  We highly recommend Stoneshine and will most certainly use them again in the future.  Thank you Miguel and especially THANK YOU to Aldo who truly knows his craft!!!!!

    thumb Vicki M.
  •   O.M.G.  We have Museum-Quality Floors! They are clean!  They are beyond shiny!  Natural stone needs repairing from time to time and our floors our now filled and smooth - you would never know a few of the tiles had chipped - now they are perfect.   We had our floors restored and highly polished by STONESHINE..  They are AMAZING!  From the wonderful, quick scheduling by Jennifer, to the estimate by Juan Carlos, to the absolutely fabulous work completed by Rafael and Candido (Juan Carlos' Dad!) we had a stellar experience.  Not only was there work superb,  they were wonderful to have in our home - quite the gentlemen.  The last time we had our floors polished was almost exactly 4 years ago - so the polishing lasts a long time.  We are so excited to be able to open our house for the holidays with absolutely PERFECT floors!  Thank you so much, STONESHINE!!!!!!

    thumb DJ G.

      I called this company because of the many stars on Yelp.  I had the work done today and I can assure you that this company truly deserves all the 5 star reviews.  The gentleman arrived when scheduled and quickly got down to work.  We had our kitchen counters and a bar area polished and re-sealed.  What an incredible job and our service person was very impressive.  I couldn't post as many stars as they company deserves.  Your search ends here!

    thumb Sandra M.

      I am very satisfied with the work that Stoneshine did on my granite countertops, Victor did an excellent job. It looks just like new!  I will be using Stoneshine again in the future.

    thumb Geoff P.