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Whether is concrete polishing, stamping, staining or sealing, we got the answer...

Whether is concrete polishing, stamping, staining or sealing, we got the answers for you. When it is about concrete finishing we don’t solely rely on what we know, we always want to be at the cutting edge of new technologies. that is why we always attend the prestigious once a year Las Vegas event World of Concrete.
World of Concrete offers new and improved ways each year to teach contractors like us how to make our concrete jobs look better and better. This along with our experience in the field has given our company STONESHINE the preferred spot among our customers in the field of concrete resurfacing, restoration, refinishing, stamping, staining and polishing.

Decorative Concrete is highly desirable these days & highly used in surfaces like floors, counter tops, showers, walls, etc. With this new use of concrete in homes, offices, buildings & more has come an enormous lack of knowledge & misinformation regarding the best use & maintenance to keep concrete surfaces looking at their best.

“StoneShine prevails as the premier company dedicated to solving this common issues as well as educating our customers in the field of concrete use, maintenance, beautification & preservation. Everyone of our branches is dedicated to serving you with the best knowledge and experience in the industry.” 

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Concrete polishing has become very popular not only for commercial  but residential applications. The concrete polishing process is similar to that of marble polishing, certain things that can be done to concrete to densify it thus making the surface more sturdy and resilient to stains and dullness. Polished concrete floors don’t just give a clean, uniform and presentable look but also help in keeping maintenance costs down. Your concrete can also be stained using industrial color dyes to give its surface a more smooth and uniform appearance. Stamping concrete is a method by which we can engrave patterns on already laid pre-existing concrete or even apply a concrete overlay to give it a different look.


Epoxy garage floor coating has become more and more popular through the years. This innovative technique using epoxy products that adhere and harden to your floor like a hammer gives your floor the style and clean smooth appearance design that so many people these days are looking from. Epoxy coverings help your garage space look free of clutter and dust. it is maintenance-free and also very easy to clean. Try out one of this new methods to help your garage look much better. The average garage in America is 400 square feet in floor area, that means you can get your epoxy garage floors regularly done for less than $2,000. A real economical way to give your garage some real spunk for the buck!

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