“A Great testimonial from a very happy customer of ours, please listen to what he has to say…”

Granite countertops can also loose their shine and luster over time, a typical kitchen granite countertop gets used daily exposing it to acidic agents that can ruin the shine and degrade its protective sealer. Mr. Nottingham is a very happy customer after we cleaned, polished and sealed his kitchen granite counter tops, they got the luster they deserve.

At StoneShine, our company specializes in various services for granite: Cleaning, Honing, Buffing, Polishing, Sealing, Resurfacing, Refinishing, Care, Preservation, Maintenance, Restoration, Beautyfication and Repair of Granite Floor Tile & Countertops. Granite is amongst the sturdiest and most resilient of all natural stone types; although most commonly known and used in kitchen countertops, Granite can also be used in surfaces like countertops, showers, floors, etc. The quality of our work in granite is guaranteed to bring you the best results, we take pride in the workmanship and quality of jobs that we produce. When doing granite restoration we pay very close attention to the little details. With thousands of customers and proven results, we have great confidence that you will love the quality of our natural stone restoration work. We are only satisfied when our customers are happy, we like to be able to put a smile on their face.



“Granite repair is a very detail-oriented & meticulous process. Granite crack and chip repair are is an art in itself; for good results to be achieved having the right experience and right tools for the job is crucial, this means the difference between a fairly decent repair job and a work of art. We can make your granite surface look great again…Give us a try! Call 1-800-770-7789 and schedule an appointment with one of our granite expert repair technicians.”



Among the different types of repairs that we can fix with granite are the following: granite crack repair, granite lippage reduction or removal, granite hole and spall repair, granite countertop repair, granite chip repair, etc. At StoneShine we believe that putting the time and effort into a job will help achieve the best result. Our goal is to help our customers achieve a superficial or cosmetic natural stone repair that will have the best possible look. To be able to facilitate that to our technicians, we put them through a rigorous six-month training program until they fully learn how to repair natural stone materials like granite and the like without a hustle. After our technicians complete this program they are then certified. Follow-up evaluations are regularly done in the field to ensure consistency in the quality of granite work they turn in. At StoneShine, we’re rated #1 granite repair service company in Los Angeles & Orange County. Also serving the Inland Empire, Palm Springs, San Fernando & San Diego.

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“Fixing your granite floors and countertops can prevent major issues like moisture from causing irreversible damage like chips and cracks””

Excess moisture is the enemy to a granite countertop of floor surface; even if the surface of the granite is perfectly sealed excess water on the surface of the granite can still penetrate below below the surface level and into the stone, much like water condensates outside a cold glass of soda or any other liquid. Once this moisture penetrates into the stone it then becomes damaging its inner structure by weakening the natural bond between the molecules in the stone eventually causing cracks, chips and flaking on the granite countertop or floor surface.

“Although the pores on the surface of a polished granite are relatively closed this doesn’t mean that foreign substances like acids and chlorides can’t penetrate it. You can still have etching and stains caused by harmful acidic compounds from common day to day liquids used in the kitchen like orange juice, lemonade, soda, wine, detergents, etc.”

Stains and etching can be prevented simply by sealing your granite surface after it is polished. However a polished granite surface can still not be completely resilient against acid or oils spills, these can still be absorbed by the stone after the surface is sealed..

ATTENTION: any polished and sealed natural stone surface like granite can still be vulnerable to etching and stains after it is sealed. Given enough time foreign substances can erode away the barrier of sealer and create damage to the surface of the stone. A good granite protector or natural stone sealer is crucial to helping keep stains and etching from occurring so easily but the best policy is to wipe out any spills immediately after they occur; to do this simply blot the area where the spill happened with water, this helps you prevent spreading the spill furthermore.

Keep a good maintenance program according to your needs to avoid having to restore your floors as often. The more you wait, the more work it will take to restore a marble floor or countertop to its pristine original finish and condition. This means the difference between having to pay for restoration work vs. maintenance.

“A good periodic maintenance program is crucial in always keeping granite floors and countertops looking shinny, uniform, vibrant and alive”

There is no other material that can compare to a perfectly polished and smoothed granite surface. It signifies splendor, success, luxury when used on flooring and countertop surfaces. A cared-for, well-protected and maintained granite countertop can pass the test of time or so we can see in old world structures, sculptures and buildings like the Vatican in Rome, or the Pantheon in Athens just to name a few.