“Video testimonial from one of our very happy customers in Orange County”

Mr. Lagunas was a phenomenal host, he allow us to come into his home and turn his floors into beautiful landscapes of natural stone. We have to confess that this travertine floor polishing job was a little stubborn at times, the challenge we faced here was being able to create consistency throughout the tile, however the result speaks for itself, the floor looks amazing!!!

“Use only marble and travertine cleaning products that are PH neutral. PH neutral natural stone cleaners are non-acidic, this means that they the marble and travertine will be preserved and not get corroded easily when coming in contact with acids or oils in the surface of the stone”

“Not everything that shines is gold”…Look for good quality and reputable marble cleaning product manufacturers that specifically indicate that they are safe to use on natural stone surfaces like marble. PH neutral cleaners are not hard to find  and a drive to your local hardware store could save you hundreds of dollars. leaving your natural stone unsealed is a recipe for disaster. After a natural stone surface has been etched, stained or damage the only way to reverse the damage is through the process of diamond sanding, this process can be very costly in some cases where the whole area has to be treated, sometimes the damage is very small but the job has to be done all throughout to achieve uniform and satisfactory results without being able to tell where the surface of the natural stone in this case travertine or marble was damaged before.

“Marble, travertine and other natural stone cleaning and sealing  is better left in the hands of expert certified and trained professionals with experience in the field of natural stone restoration, in some cases trying to clean it yourself can make its appearance look worse”

That’s why cleaning marble is better left in the hands of a natural stone restoration professional, at StoneShine marble cleaning is one of our specialties, normal cleaning procedures are not effective in marble etch and stain removal, this cleaning is better left in the hands of qualified trained marble restoration professionals.

StoneShine, we are rated the #1 marble & travertine cleaning company in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Fernando & San Diego.. We also serve San Bernardino, Riverside & Palm Springs in the Inland Empire.

In the case of water and other foreign substances like acids and chlorides that can cause severe damage to natural stone we recommend blotting the affected area with water to prevent spreading the stain and further damage to the stone. In either case the best precaution is to clean the affected area with the proper marble cleaning solution.

There are many effective marble cleaning solutions in the market these days specializing in many types of marbles and natural stone, we can recommend a few, give us a call at 1-800-770-7789.

“Having the proper care, cleaning and sealing maintenance programs for marble and travertine in your home will ensure its durability and longevity”

Apply warm water over a soft clean sponge ringing out any excess water until the sponge is barely damp. Gently wipe the marble or travertine surface and dry it with a clean soft cloth. Buff the marble until it shines. buff the travertine to the proper finish. The most common finish in travertine floors or countertops is known as satin, this is not a high polished but more like a medium polish finish. If the marble or travertine surface is extremely dirty then gently cleaning with a damp sponge is not sufficient, call one of our offices and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. Our number is 1.800.770.7789.

The best way to avoid stains and etching is simply sealing your marble and travertine floors and countertops. A good stone sealer is crucial to avoid stains and etching but keep in mind that the sealer will not completely prevent stains and etching from occurring, it will act more as a retarder. So, it is a good common practice to clean spills immediately, you do this by blotting the spill as opposed to wiping it, as wiping it will only spread it therefore spreading the damage.

It is good practice to seal the surface of marble and travertine immediately after it’s been cleaned and polished. The sealer will keep most moisture and foreign substances from penetrating the natural stone surface immediately but keep in mind that natural stone sealers are not the ultimate protection against etching, stains, wear and tear.

ATTENTION: natural stone sealers do not give full protection against exposure to foreign elements and substances therefore it can’t be guaranteed that a natural stone surface not get stained, etch or damaged after it is sealed. specially if it is misused or uncared for after it is serviced.

“Beware of regular sealing products that leave residue on your marble or travertine floors or countertops after applied When sealing marble and travertine surfaces use only products that are VOC compliant.” 

Look for manufacturer’s instructions in the back of the product specifically indicating that is safe to use on natural stone surfaces. When sealing the marble and travertine in your home, only use marble impregnators or penetrating sealers. These type of sealers will penetrate into the marble and and travertine to protect the natural stone from within rather than creating and outside layer which if left on the floor will leave streak marks after it is removed. We recommend spraying the sealer on the floor or countertop surface with a spray bottle and then using a squeegee to spread the sealer around.

“If you are serious about maintaining your natural stone surfaces looking vibrant and well-protected then the best way is to arrange for periodical sealing according to your needs. Maybe once a year would be a good choice.”

Good quality sealers keep foreign substances and acids from penetrating the stone immediately upon contact. But, sealers only protect for a reasonable period of time, given enough time acidic substances will erode away the layer of sealer inadvertently causing damage to the stone. It is a good habit to pick up after spills immediately after they occur. However with nano-technology advanced sealants have been developed to reduce the risk of staining and etching considerably.

StoneShine, the #1 marble travertine cleaning & sealing company in LA & OC, Our Phone lines are always available to answer your questions, Call Us at  1-800-770-7789 to schedule a visit with one of our expert natural stone care professionals.

“Preparation is the key, proper care of the surrounding areas is very important before starting a marble cleaning job. We cover and protect all sensitive areas before starting a job”

Taking the proper care of a marble and travertine surface before it is cleaned will ensure that the area in question will look better without damaging any of its surroundings, like: baseboards, stainless steel appliances, cabinets, etc. We know how important it is to protect all these sensitive areas before we start a job and we waste no time doing it and being very meticulous about it. We are natural stone restoration experts and simply don’t take for granted why you chose us to be your preferred natural stone restoration company. Thank You for choosing us!