“One of our very special customers gets impressed when we make her limestone floor shine like a diamond…”

 Miracles can be done with very dull looking limestone floors, who would think that the a dull-looking limestone floor can be brought back to life by diamond sanding and polishing its surface just like you would a marble floor. please watch her testimonial. So don’t hesitate, grab the phone now and consult one of our customer service representatives, they will book an appointment with one of our natural stone specialist.

“Polishing Limestone requires a special knowledge of the characteristics of the stone. Many times limestone reacts differently to polishing due to the its different kinds of compositions.”

Getting the right company to polish limestone is as important as developing a limestone care plan. Knowledge and experience are vital parts of a limestone floor restoration which if done correctly can save you a great deal of time, money and effort. Cleaning limestone tile doesn’t need to be an out of this world job. Just remember, a limestone care plan performed periodically will keep your limestone floors’ luster and vitality.

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“Polishing your limestone floors correctly gives it a lustrous look that only natural stone can give. It can pass the test of time as it can be seen in ancient structures, sculptures and buildings.

When it comes to home luxury, nothing compares to the luster of a natural stone floor. Its natural shine has a natural vibrancy and aliveness that gives you a sense of comfort.

The shinning of a polished limestone surface is done by using a diamond polishing powder applied while buffing it. The diamond compound creates the shine giving your limestone floor a uniform look. This is probably one of the best ways to do it.

A limestone floor surface care plan is vital in extending the periods of service & maintains vibrancy & aliveness. Call us to book a free estimate appointment and we’ll design a maintenance plan for you according to your needs. Let our experience help give you peace of mind.
“Limestone can be one of the best looking natural stone surfaces for use in floors, bathroom showers and countertops. Its nice rich colors can give an aura of luxury and classiness not easily attained by other types of natural stone.
In recent years it has become a very popular choice among home owners, building designers and new home builders. Despite this fact there is a very common misconception, many times we get the question “does travertine need to be sealed?” the answer is a definite “YES!”.

The reason why travertine needs to be sealed is because it is a very porous and these pores can very easily clog up with dirt and other foreign substances that will make the travertine’s surface appearance look dirty. A sealer is not the only thing that will keep a polished travertine floor or countertop looking shinny, vibrant and alive; a good maintenance and well planned maintenance program is a must in trying to keep up with this gorgeous looking but very high maintenance type of natural stone.

“At StoneShine we recommend doing a clean & seal job on high traffic areas at least once a year. Schedule an appointment with one of our expert stone restoration technicians, Call 1.800.770.7789 “

Depending on usage this can very but it is better to maintain the travertine surface than having to resurface it, a restoration job can be more expensive depending on the severity of the damage. Cracks, holes can easily appear on the surface of the travertine floor or countertop. these types of repairs are done using epoxy color matching compounds that blend with the natural stone characteristics of the travertine.

Natural Stone Floor & Countertop Honing…

“Honing is the process by which a shinny or polished floor, countertop or shower surface finish is customized into a low-sheen, matte looking finish.”

Reflection keeping the surface of the marble or natural stone nice and smooth to the touch. This finish has become highly desirable amongst building architects and home/office designers in recent years.

Honed marble looks classic and simply amazing, it can give a very pleasant look, not too overwhelming or over-the-top. Careful measures need to be taken though because having this look sometimes comes at a higher price, we’ll explain you why below.

A honed limestone surface can be easily damaged by acid stains. Honing your marble floors and countertops can give the stone the look in its most natural and pristine condition.

More and more households nowadays are having their marble floors and counter top surfaces honed for the purpose of giving the stone a more natural look. Honing marble can be achieved using a special grit of diamond pads that make the marble surface silky smooth while not leaving too much sheen on its finish.

“Contrary to what most people think a honed surface can be less resilient guarding against stains and etch marks.”

Stains and etching can be prevented simply by sealing your marble after is honed. However a honed marble surface can be less resilient against preventing acid or oils spills from being absorbed by the stone. The reason is because to obtain a honed finish from marble the surface of the stone must be diamond sanded, this diamond sanding process causes the pores on the surface of the marble to slightly open. once this pore open up the surface becomes more vulnerable to etching and stains.

“Honing your marble floors and countertops can give the stone the look in its most natural and prestine condition.”

A good marble impregnating sealer is crucial to help keep stains and etching from occurring so easily. Make sure to wipe out any spills immediately to avoid stains in your stone.

At StoneShine, we are rated the #1 marble honing company in Los Angeles & Orange County.

“Whether honed or polished, good periodic maintenance program is the best practice against dull & dirty looking marble” 

Keep a good maintenance program according to your needs to avoid having to restore your floors as often. The more you wait, the more work it will take to restore a marble floor or countertop to its pristine original finish and condition. This means the difference between having to pay for restoration work vs. maintenance. Our natural stone experts are available to answer any of your questions.

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