•   I was very pleased with the work performed by Stoneshine on my kitchen countertop and sealing of various sinks throughout the house.  

    Juan Carlos, who had given an estimate two years ago, came once again to give estimate.  He  was very helpful in determining which sinks needed sealing right away and which could wait.  

    I was very pleased with Jaime's work.  He sealed my granite countertop and did a cosmetic repair of a crack by polishing and filling it.  I think he did a much better job than the person who did it the previous time---I noticed the previous time, there were dark spots on the granite countertop after it had been sealed.  This time, there were no dark spots.  Jaime also sealed sinks around the house.  

    Be aware that Stoneshine sends an email containing documents, one of which stated that additional fees would be assessed on credit card payments.

    thumb Diana B.

      i had miguel come out and give me a great bid !!!! 2 days later job was done.
    i will always request jaime for my job in the future....thanks again stoneshine  for a great job .. my shower, bathroom floors, kitchen granite and bbq island outside.

    thumb Susie C.

      A magnificent job on our rojo alicante marble sink tops.  The estimator was clearly enthusiastic about marble, and this red particularly.  The technician worked carefully and quietly here for about five hours to bring all the color of this marble to a perfect shine.  Most marble people charge about the same, but in terms of quality, this was top drawer.  The company follows up with a thank you note and a fine guide to maintenance.  If it gets better than this, let me know.  Recommended without reservation.

    thumb Richard M.
  •   I want to sing the praises of the crew that took care of our distressed granite kitchen countertops.  Jorge Carrillo, who wrote up our project, was thorough in his analysis of our problem and how to address it.  Aldo and Jaime knocked on our door at the appointed time, set quickly to work protecting our walls and floors, and made all necessary repairs with beautiful results.  I couldn't have asked for better, more attentive service.  We are satisfied, lifelong customers now.

    thumb K W.

      Miguel came to our home, he was polite, very well mannered and took excellent care of us. We wanted our travertine floors polished to a shine along with our travertine shower and fireplace facia. Also we needed our granite countertops cleaned and re- sealed. Miguel took care of the scheduling, the crew showed up on time. The crew members were: Benjamin, Raphael, Samuel, Alex and Salvador. They all worked diligently
    and did a beautiful job. They cleaned up after themselves and everything was shiny and clean and
    looked wonderful! I give all six of these employees
    5 Stars and Stoneshine deserves 5 stars as well.
    Thank you very much for a job well done.

    thumb Rita O.

      We used Stone Shine a couple of years ago to restore our marble entry way.  As our dog aged she had accidents. The urine instantly took off the shine. Ramon did a great job restoring it  - it looks brand new.  We renovated our master bath around that time. Recently streaks started appearing on the travertine and we learned that it had never been sealed!  I asked for Ramon when we decided to do have the shower sealed. Once again, excellent results.

    thumb christine h.
  •   These guys are great. Called for an estimate to have granite counter-tops resealed. Miguel was the representative who came out to give us our quote. He arrive on time and gave honest advise.  They sent their employee Jaime to do the work. He was fast ,professional and courteous. Put plastic down to keep dust particles down an cleaned up after himself after he was done. Highly recommend if you need stone work!

    thumb T M.

      Just had Stoneshine  reseal our granite countertops, clean tile floor, repair grout in bathroom areas and clean stained concrete patio. They did an excellent job in all areas at a reasonable price.  Highly recommend this firm.

    thumb Tom S.

      We used Stoneshine 6 years ago and were really satisfied, so when it came time to refinish our travertine floors, we knew who to call! Rafael, Benjamin, and Rigoberto were on time, worked so hard all day, and did an absolutely amazing job. They refinished our travertine, polished and restored our granite, and fixed some grout on our backsplash. Everything looks brand new!!! Thank you so much Stoneshine!!! We highly recommend them!!!!

    thumb Angela P.
  •   We had not done anything to our Travertine floors for the last ten years. We now find ourselves raising our 8 year old granddaughter and discovered our floors are not child proof. We had Stoneshine come out to give an estimate and the cost seemed reasonable for the amount of work we needed. Ramon and Julian came right on time. They helped move some furniture and got straight to work. They were clean and professional and a couple of nice guys. We were happy with their work and the floors look almost new again. In fact, we are so delighted with the results, we are thinking of having them come back for our granite.

    thumb Cliff D.

      We love our "like new" marble kitchen floor.  The folks at Stoneshine patiently worked with me through a couple of schedule changes.  When they came to our home, I was away on business.  The two gentlemen who came to do the work were courteous, friendly, and professional.  They regrouted and polished some very worn Carrara marble floor.  Our home has been filled with contractors for several weeks now.  The gentlemen from Stoneshine left a very positive impression on my wife, and more importantly, left our kitchen floor looking like it hasn't looked in a long, long time.

    We will definitely call Stoneshine for regular maintenance needs.

    thumb Tim P.

      Julian and Jaime did an excellent job and worked very hard to get my marble countertops sparkling new again.  They look so nice and are so smooth.  They took the time to prep the area very well so no mess got anywhere.  I will definitely go with Stoneshine again. They were very professional.

    thumb Mylene M.
  •   Highly recommend this company! They do great quality work and have good people working for them.  This was my 1st experience using them and I'm very happy with the results! Thank you to Juan C. for doing the estimate and to Salvador R. for doing a great job on the floors, counters, and island!! Salvador came out today.  He was very respectful, caring, and hard-working.

    thumb P P.

      I can not say enough positive things about StoneShine.  I was a in rush and needed my stone floors refurbished immediately.  I was shocked when they showed up at 8 pm to help me.  Thanks to them and there professional quality work my home in the Palm desert area sold immediately and for cash.  I will use them again and u tell all my family and friends to use them also.

    thumb Helen Theresa G.

      Miguel came out and gave us an estimate for cleaning all our travertine floors and tile in two bathrooms and a shower.  Price was fair and scheduling no problem.  The crew came out yesterday and did an outstanding job.  I believe the foreman was Salvatore, who was very professional as well as the whole crew.  The Travertine floors have never looked better.  The amount of shine was perfect and they filled in some small holes.  The tile in guest bathroom is actually clean now, where others have failed.  Overall they did excellent job and would recommend them highly.  Our floors have never looked better!

    thumb Kent D.
  •   We had our granite done by Stoneshine and I wasn't sure how it would look because we had a super glue stain and I really was not sure if they would be able to do what they said they could do. Oh my goodness it came out amazing. I was very happy I went with this company. I definitely would recommend this company

    thumb Jackie B.

      My master bathroom granite was in dire need of restoration. After four years of use it was dull and etched in places. They came out and spent an entire day polishing and sealing my double vanity. I had two other companies come out to estimate the cost. Stoneshine was competitive.

    thumb Terri M.

      My marble kitchen countertops were in very bad condition with lots of etching.  Stoneshine's crew came in and polished them back to new condition ("new" is not an exaggeration).  They look stunning - I couldn't be happier.  The crew, Ben and Emmanuel were very polite, professional, on-time and did an excellent job protecting the kitchen cabinets and floor with plastic coverings as well thoroughly cleaning up before they left.   We received quotes from three companies and they all came in at basically the same price. So very glad we choose to go with Stoneshine and definitely would use them again and also recommend to friends.

    thumb S. H.
  •   Jorge came to do a quick estimate. A very friendly and knowledgeable gentleman.

    Richardo came to Polish and buff my kitchen granite counter tops. He took off his shoes outside. Arrived on time at 8:00 am and finished in close to 6 hours. Sealed the kitchen off of the entire house to prevent as much of the odor even tho it can't be completely odorless. Everything was so clean and spotless. He did a wonderful job

    thumb Wendy H.

      Stoneshine did a fantastic job on our granite counters, travertine floor and ceramic tile.  They were very professional and did a thorough job.  We couldn't be happier!!!  Thank you Stoneshine!

    thumb Tom H.

      I have used these guys for a few rounds of stone maintenance. I would have given a five star, but their pricing was substantially higher than my last round not even 2 years ago.-but the work is stellar. Today, arriving on time, Ramon, Rafael, Emmanuel and Isidro tackled all the marble in our home.  Our cleaning folks had gotten various cleaners and rings from bottles on counters etc and even something blue had stained a small spot...I was worried the marks were permanent. Nope. The marble is back to being pristine and sealed. Thank you Stone Shine!

    thumb Susan M.
  •   I have to laugh at those who post that Stoneshine is overpriced. I guess one can state they are overpriced compared to the companies I have used in the past that splash around some cleaning solution and leave with everything looking the same.

    Stoneshine is deserving of five stars from our initial contact. Miguel came to our house to explain the process and provide us with a quote. He patiently answered all of our questions and even took a few minutes to apply a chemical to our grout to give us an idea of how the final result would look. Miguel explained we would receive a contract 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and the workers would arrive at 7AM to begin the job. I received the contract exactly 48 hours prior to the day work was to begin and at exactly 7AM, Danny and Candido arrived at my home.

    The two worked non-stop until early in the afternoon as they got on their hands and knees and cleaned every inch of our tile and grout. For the first time in over a decade my tile and grout look like it did the day it was installed.

    As far as overpriced...well, as the saying goes - you get what you pay for - and we paid and received an exemplary job that was well worth the cost.

    I plan to have Stoneshire return every other year to maintain the now brand new look of our tile and grout.

    thumb Barry R.

      I was very happy with the price and customer service.
    But somewhat disappointed with the end result, yes my quartz piece looks better but I still see the line which I hoped it would be gone after they have worked on it.
    Overall I am happy Thank you Stone shine.

    thumb Dana D.

      I'm pleased with the cleaning, polishing, and resealing performed by the 3 technicians who came from StoneShine recently. My new-to-me home has granite cabinet tops throughout the kitchen and stone and ceramic in the 2 showers. I have never had granite and knew nothing about care and maintenance. However, there were some chips along the kitchen sink edge and the grouting along the space behind the sink was cracked and I knew that needed to be redone, as well as the caulking at interface of the porcelain sink and the granite. The estimate for the work was the highest of 4 bids, but I feel that everything was completed in a professional manner, and they were efficient in getting the job done.  All looks great and I definitely got my money's worth!

    thumb Brenda C.
  •   Excellent service from Miguel! Very professional and thorough. He was very knowledgeable on his recommendations to stay within our budget without sacrificing the look we wanted to achieve. I definitely recommend!

    thumb Nicole R.

      This is a company that I would never recommend or ever use again. On a scheduled appointment only half of the work got completed and it was done very poorly. Splatters and grinding solution everywhere on my cabinets, spilled content on my carpet, and the sealing product was pooled in many areas leaving large rings on my marble. I stayed home all day to get this job down and found the workers on their cell phones and taking multiple breaks instead of working. Extremely disappointed in their quality and lack of professionalism to say the least!

    thumb Susan J.

      I called Stoneshine to let them know that a small area on my shower bench wasn't refinished.  They called back immediately to set up an appointment.  Mario and Roger came out and did an excellent job.   I am so please with the company and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    thumb C M.
  •   Great Company that really prided itself on quality work with market rates. The owner is serious about doing the job well and not just talks about it. I have learned my lesson in the past you get what you pay for. If you want peace of mind call them.

    thumb Rod S.

      Stoneshine delivered great results and professional service at a reasonable price.

    The previous owner of our home was in the stone business, and used a copious amount of travertine, marble, granite, onyx and other natural stone throughout.

    Despite regular cleaning, the stone looked tired, and in some cases had pitted. Our carpet cleaner offered to clean the stone for us, but my instinct was to a specialist and Stoneshine really delivered.

    Juan Carlos, the estimator, came by 2 weeks prior to the job and reassured us they could make the floors look like new, including repairing all of the pitting damage. The job covered several rooms and baths (including moving some furniture) and required 3 days, but our 10-year-old floors shine like they were installed yesterday!

    The crew was polite, professional, and very knowledgeable, and we'll be following their new cleaning procedure to keep our stone in shape from now on.  I've included a photo of how the medallion in our entry turned out...

    thumb Evan G.

      I called this company because of the many stars on Yelp.  I had the work done today and I can assure you that this company truly deserves all the 5 star reviews.  The gentleman arrived when scheduled and quickly got down to work.  We had our kitchen counters and a bar area polished and re-sealed.  What an incredible job and our service person was very impressive.  I couldn't post as many stars as they company deserves.  Your search ends here!

    thumb Sandra M.

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