•   Erick and Jaime came out on Tuesday to fill holes in our granite counters in the kitchen and restore some stains and scratches in our marble in our bathrooms.  Our original kitchen granite installer told us there was "nothing he could do" about the holes in our granite slab, so we had lived with it for two years the way it was.  I also had dropped some cleaning fluid on the marble in our bathroom counter and was also told again that there was "nothing" that could be done about the stains once they were there.  As you probably have been told, do not spill anything caustic on marble, like hair spray, cologne or strong cleaning materials like vinegar.  
    Erick and Jaime worked all day at our house.  The result now is a perfectly smooth granite slab with no holes anymore! The marble was restored to original condition and looks better now than it ever had due to the fact that the original installer never sealed any of his work either in the kitchen or bathrooms. The marble is beautiful and so is the kitchen granite.
    I would recommend Erick and Jaime to anyone in the Coachella Valley that needs stone restoration.  Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot restore marble.  These guys can!

    thumb Marilyn F.

      We had to have our shower and tub remodeled due to a plumbing issue. Arael Vazquez and his team were wonderful. Arael helped us with the design. I was very impressed with how he moved people in and out of our home based on the skillset needed for that day. Arael was always available by phone and would return my calls in 15 minutes or less. Everyone on his team was so professional, and so courteous. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing. We referred Arael to our neighbor. She was very happy with his work as well. I think he treats his employees well and they in turn treat his customers well.

    thumb Carol O.

      I am very satisfied with the work that Stoneshine did on my granite countertops, Victor did an excellent job. It looks just like new!  I will be using Stoneshine again in the future.

    thumb Geoff P.
  •   A magnificent job on our rojo alicante marble sink tops.  The estimator was clearly enthusiastic about marble, and this red particularly.  The technician worked carefully and quietly here for about five hours to bring all the color of this marble to a perfect shine.  Most marble people charge about the same, but in terms of quality, this was top drawer.  The company follows up with a thank you note and a fine guide to maintenance.  If it gets better than this, let me know.  Recommended without reservation.

    thumb Richard M.

      I called Stoneshine to let them know that a small area on my shower bench wasn't refinished.  They called back immediately to set up an appointment.  Mario and Roger came out and did an excellent job.   I am so please with the company and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

    thumb C M.

      I wish I could give negative stars such a bad experience! way over priced and rude customer service!  I only tried them because they are in the same lot where I get my car fixed so I thought let me walk over and set an appointmen. I should have smelled trouble when miss attitude at the front desk  asked what do need ????? uhhh well an estimate ?t when I called the owner, Johann he just laughed and said then go elsewhere. He also informed me if I left a bad yelp review it would be removed because he pays a monthly fee to keep all 5 star reviews!! ( I told the tech I was going to leave a neg on yelp) such a jerk I was shocked I would not recommend

    thumb Amber M.
  •   O.M.G.  We have Museum-Quality Floors! They are clean!  They are beyond shiny!  Natural stone needs repairing from time to time and our floors our now filled and smooth - you would never know a few of the tiles had chipped - now they are perfect.   We had our floors restored and highly polished by STONESHINE..  They are AMAZING!  From the wonderful, quick scheduling by Jennifer, to the estimate by Juan Carlos, to the absolutely fabulous work completed by Rafael and Candido (Juan Carlos' Dad!) we had a stellar experience.  Not only was there work superb,  they were wonderful to have in our home - quite the gentlemen.  The last time we had our floors polished was almost exactly 4 years ago - so the polishing lasts a long time.  We are so excited to be able to open our house for the holidays with absolutely PERFECT floors!  Thank you so much, STONESHINE!!!!!!

    thumb DJ G.

      I can not comment on their work, but their quotes are much higher then other companies in the area.  There is nothing wrong with the company and I am sure they do good work, but you will pay a much higher price.  Sureshine did my job for less then half the price of Stoneshine.  $1,100 is way too expensive to re-grout (one line) around the bottom of the shower where the walls meet the floor, reseal shower, polish/seal floor and epoxy three or four chips (a small bathroom).  They will try to justify their high price by telling you they are throwing in $200 of cleaners and they only use the best material.  Again, this is not a bash on their company, only on the price.  I am all about paying a fair price where the company makes money and I save some money, but someone would have walked away from this job with an extra $600 in their pocket and it was not going to be me.  Save some money and call around.

    My initial rating was a one star but the owner sent a nice response.  He offered to come out and look at job to see if his guy provided a fair estimate.  I must say that shows he cares about his company so I am providing 3 stars.  I just wish the price would not have been so much higher then the rest.  Thanks for reaching out.

    thumb Brandon K.

      Victor Moran show up right on time, removed his shoes, and covered all surfaces. My husband is a clean freak so we really appreciated that. The damaged area on our granite looks amazing. We had a really deep crack, so we are thrilled. He just left and we are still staring at the repair! Great job!

    thumb Michele C.
  •   What a wonderful experience.  My floors and counter tops look fantastic!!! Benjamin, Rafael, Damian and Greg were very professional and clean.  Thanks for a job well done!!!

    thumb Julie M.

      The strong reviews speak the truth as far as my experience is concerned.  Their seems to be few competitors in this niche service to compare Stoneshine to and you may not have to.  Their pricing and service quality was so good that getting secondary quotes was just for piece of mind.

    thumb Evan L.

      We had our marble floors polished through the entire house as well as regrouted in June of this year. Juan Carlos came in and gave us the estimate. He was right on time, very polite and professional. They were able to accommodate the time based on our schedule. The guys who did the job, were very attentive and careful. We are very happy with the results and will contact them again when time comes.

    thumb Natalia G.
  •   Stoneshine delivered great results and professional service at a reasonable price.

    The previous owner of our home was in the stone business, and used a copious amount of travertine, marble, granite, onyx and other natural stone throughout.

    Despite regular cleaning, the stone looked tired, and in some cases had pitted. Our carpet cleaner offered to clean the stone for us, but my instinct was to a specialist and Stoneshine really delivered.

    Juan Carlos, the estimator, came by 2 weeks prior to the job and reassured us they could make the floors look like new, including repairing all of the pitting damage. The job covered several rooms and baths (including moving some furniture) and required 3 days, but our 10-year-old floors shine like they were installed yesterday!

    The crew was polite, professional, and very knowledgeable, and we'll be following their new cleaning procedure to keep our stone in shape from now on.  I've included a photo of how the medallion in our entry turned out...

    thumb Evan G.

      We had a lot of travertine and marble we bought with our house over a decade ago that we were clueless about maintaining. We never liked it much beyond being great for young kids who play sports who can be rough on floors. Over time, it looked awful and was impossible to clean.

    Miguel, the consultant and Aldo, the restoration team leader, were fantastic to work with. The results are nothing short of stunning! They are friendly, hardworking, and very good at their jobs. Very professional!

    Our travertine looks better than new and more like marble now, which is exactly what we requested. The price was more than fair and when compared to new flooring, amazingly cheap. Thanks to the entire Stoneshine team for saving our floors.

    thumb Ben C.

      I have to laugh at those who post that Stoneshine is overpriced. I guess one can state they are overpriced compared to the companies I have used in the past that splash around some cleaning solution and leave with everything looking the same.

    Stoneshine is deserving of five stars from our initial contact. Miguel came to our house to explain the process and provide us with a quote. He patiently answered all of our questions and even took a few minutes to apply a chemical to our grout to give us an idea of how the final result would look. Miguel explained we would receive a contract 48 hours prior to the scheduled date and the workers would arrive at 7AM to begin the job. I received the contract exactly 48 hours prior to the day work was to begin and at exactly 7AM, Danny and Candido arrived at my home.

    The two worked non-stop until early in the afternoon as they got on their hands and knees and cleaned every inch of our tile and grout. For the first time in over a decade my tile and grout look like it did the day it was installed.

    As far as overpriced...well, as the saying goes - you get what you pay for - and we paid and received an exemplary job that was well worth the cost.

    I plan to have Stoneshire return every other year to maintain the now brand new look of our tile and grout.

    thumb Barry R.
  •   We hired Stoneshine to restore our marble kitchen counter tops.  The counter tops showed signs of wear and tear, including a large vinegar stain.  The appointment/estimate process was simple and straightforward.  The pricing was competitive with other vendors I contacted.  The employees who came to do the work were on time, diligent, and polite.  After they left, I noticed that an edge along the sink was not smooth.  I called Stoneshine and they gave me an appointment the next day.  The employee showed up on time and buffed out the sink edge.  

    The counter tops look great and the customer service was awesome.  I've been working with various vendors for jobs around our house and often times, it's a frustrating experience.  Not so with Stoneshine.  It's a pleasure when you work with a vendor who's professional, on-time, stands behind their work, and is reasonably priced.  Wholeheartedly recommend.

    thumb Angel L.

      I had my marble floors restored today. Mario, Salvador and Romino did a beautiful job. They were here right a 8am and removed the furniture with care. My marble floor look better then when they put them in. Thank you Jorge for your quick response.

    thumb Blanca S.

      Not for everyone - there is a $450 minimum regardless of the job. The business model works for the company because there are enough ppl looking to spend 2 to 4k on stone polishing, but isn't great for their entire customer base.

    thumb Emily K.
  •   I had my travertine floor cleaned by someone else in 2011 and it was a waste of money.
    Then I found this company via Yelp and the work was done in 2014. I am happy with the cleaning and polishing results. I strongly recommend Stoneshine.

    thumb Helen Q.

      We had not done anything to our Travertine floors for the last ten years. We now find ourselves raising our 8 year old granddaughter and discovered our floors are not child proof. We had Stoneshine come out to give an estimate and the cost seemed reasonable for the amount of work we needed. Ramon and Julian came right on time. They helped move some furniture and got straight to work. They were clean and professional and a couple of nice guys. We were happy with their work and the floors look almost new again. In fact, we are so delighted with the results, we are thinking of having them come back for our granite.

    thumb Cliff D.

      Stoneshine did a fantastic job on our granite counters, travertine floor and ceramic tile.  They were very professional and did a thorough job.  We couldn't be happier!!!  Thank you Stoneshine!

    thumb Tom H.
  •   We used Stone Shine a couple of years ago to restore our marble entry way.  As our dog aged she had accidents. The urine instantly took off the shine. Ramon did a great job restoring it  - it looks brand new.  We renovated our master bath around that time. Recently streaks started appearing on the travertine and we learned that it had never been sealed!  I asked for Ramon when we decided to do have the shower sealed. Once again, excellent results.

    thumb christine h.

      **Updated Review : I was surprised that I received a quick response to my review. I spoke with StoneShine who advised they would send someone over from quality control to review the work done. Rogelio and his partner arrived on the date agreed and on time. They went over the work and explained in detail what is to be expected with types of stones etc.  I understood now and wished that it would have been explained before, however I must say they agreed to redo the work and fix a spot/ sealing that was missed. They stated they wanted me to be completely satisfied. We scheduled another appt to do just that. Rogelio himself came back and did the work as promised. I have to admit I am completely satisfied this time with the results. Stoneshine gets 5 stars in customer service and satisfaction. Something most businesses lack now a days.  Thank you 🙂

    thumb Alicia R.

      I did not get service by them because they are way overprice.
    I just needed my kitchen and living room and 2 small bathrooms marble restore and he came to my house to measure. Went to his car for like 20mins came back and said $2300 or $2400 . Wtheck?  Im sure they are good but you gotta be realistic here. Who in the world can afford that amount just to shine a marble.  Which he does not know how long the shine will lasts. And also he tells me he paid hos employee alot of money each day and that they are license by Marble institute and his company is cover by insurance.  Honestly hes a friendly guy and all but i dont think i could ever afford that kind of money just to restore n shine my floors.

    thumb Kyon T.
  •   This is a company that I would never recommend or ever use again. On a scheduled appointment only half of the work got completed and it was done very poorly. Splatters and grinding solution everywhere on my cabinets, spilled content on my carpet, and the sealing product was pooled in many areas leaving large rings on my marble. I stayed home all day to get this job down and found the workers on their cell phones and taking multiple breaks instead of working. Extremely disappointed in their quality and lack of professionalism to say the least!

    thumb Susan J.

      I was very pleased with the work performed by Stoneshine on my kitchen countertop and sealing of various sinks throughout the house.  

    Juan Carlos, who had given an estimate two years ago, came once again to give estimate.  He  was very helpful in determining which sinks needed sealing right away and which could wait.  

    I was very pleased with Jaime's work.  He sealed my granite countertop and did a cosmetic repair of a crack by polishing and filling it.  I think he did a much better job than the person who did it the previous time---I noticed the previous time, there were dark spots on the granite countertop after it had been sealed.  This time, there were no dark spots.  Jaime also sealed sinks around the house.  

    Be aware that Stoneshine sends an email containing documents, one of which stated that additional fees would be assessed on credit card payments.

    thumb Diana B.

      Terrible, terrible customer service! Contacted them for in home quote and was scheduled on a Friday. Waited all day and they never showed up or even bothered to call. Finally we called them and they didn't know anything about the appointment but would call us back. 3 hours later the representative called us back and said the person who took our information was new and had the wrong address, e-mail and phone number therefore we could not be contacted. Needless to say we found another company with similar name that showed up on time and great pricing. I would suggest to call the other company before wasting a whole work day waiting at home.

    thumb Sylvia A.
  •   Our travertine floors are 7 years old and needed a new badly needed upgrade.
    We never had a glossy finish on the stone and we were looking for that as well as filling in the many cracks and holes in the floor.

    We called Stone Shine and made an appointment to get an estimate. Miguel showed up on time and we were really impressed with his professionalism, neat appearance and overall knowledge of what we wanted, We hired him on the spot and never contacted another company since we were so impressed with Miguel

    Miguel showed up a couple of days later with Roger and 2 other workers. They were extremely neat and did an amazing job on our floors. I am an artist and so was Roger. He filled the cracks and holes and his work was like magic and our new glossy floors look like they never did before.
    The crew came early and worked very late. After they left, I found a small  area that they missed in the buffing. I called Miguel and told him and Roger and he  showed this morning and did a great job in correcting the small area that was missed.

    I have done a complete renovation of my home over the past few years and I must say Miguel, Roger and the rest of the crew were the most professional group of workers I have ever experienced.   If there were 6 stars available, I would have left given them the 6

    thumb RON C.

      Let me say that this review would have been a 4 star until my last dealing with them. I hired stone shine because their quote was the best. They came out and did the work and didn't meet standards. They also said they can't get the scratches out that the sales guy promised they could. So they came back out and did it right the second time.  After the second time I was pretty pleased. (Hence my 4 star rating) Recently, I had a get together and someone spilled lemonade on the floor which ate off the finish. I called them up asking if I could purchase a piece of their pad that they use to polish the floor so it would match. They told me not to worry about it and they would send someone out to fix it.  Great customer service.

    thumb Dane D.

      I have used these guys for a few rounds of stone maintenance. I would have given a five star, but their pricing was substantially higher than my last round not even 2 years ago.-but the work is stellar. Today, arriving on time, Ramon, Rafael, Emmanuel and Isidro tackled all the marble in our home.  Our cleaning folks had gotten various cleaners and rings from bottles on counters etc and even something blue had stained a small spot...I was worried the marks were permanent. Nope. The marble is back to being pristine and sealed. Thank you Stone Shine!

    thumb Susan M.

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